Specifically, we will try to better understand how to paint ceramic lamps .

It happens to everyone to have some old ceramic lamps aside, perhaps in the cellar, which are no longer used. Thanks to this article, we will see how to make them reborn to new life and make them completely special and original.  

The first thing you need to know and remember is that the choice of paint to be used is very important, because the success of the whole will depend on it. We need to choose the paint, based on the final result, which we decided to obtain.




With the crisis we have been going through for some years now, the art of getting along gets the upper hand and helps us. For creative recycling we mean the recovery and subsequent re – use of objects and junk, otherwise destined for the trash can. An extremely educational, ecological and fun hobby that, in addition to stimulating your imagination, allows you to create unique and original small works of art. If you are interested in knowing how to turn tomato cans into lamps, you just have to keep reading the guide that follows.


The cans are notoriously of aluminum

After selecting the subject, reproduce it on the can with a marker, then use a medium-sized nail of the holes along the outline of the design at a distance of about half a centimeter from each other. To prevent the can from being hit by the hammer, make sure to fill it with water and place it in the freezer. Also performed the drilling operation along the entire perimeter of the chosen subject and reproduced, proceed by making two further holes to the can at the ends, near the outer edge. Now insert the sturdy wire into the two holes and fold it with the help of the pliers.

Then clean with the help of alcohol the can of the color of the marker that you used to draw or, if you prefer, paint further with spray paint of the color you prefer, then let it dry completely. Finally, insert a candle and enjoy your little ecological masterpiece. Obviously, this guide presents a simple and practical idea to be implemented. In reality, creative recycling, in the case of cans, can often be considered an art. However, it is possible to explore the potential that very simple aluminum cans offer when needed. So I can only wish you a good job!



A fashion that never goes away, people like to apply their tastes in places where they spend most days; own home. 
In these times the plaster is cast , objects and furnishings in plaster support the wallet and encourage creativity as many choose to give us inside painting on it. It is very important to follow detailed rules for adhering the paintwork to plaster objects as they are porous (absorb a lot) and difficult to color uniformly. 
In this guide we will see how to paint the lamps made of plaster.



The architectural structures, from the point of view of real estate, have many fundamental components, basic assumptions so that the structure can support the weight of further elements and future homes. To these first and main elements must be added ancillary components but not for this secondary, just because they provide essential services that can never be lacking, such as light, water and gas. Each resource is organized by the appropriate network and flows into generally supply systems such as faucets, stoves and lamps. Among the most customizable components, the lamps are the favorite, because they take on a double function both essential and esthetic, this has allowed a lot of expansion also of special specialized sectors just in the workings of the fixtures for chandeliers. On this occasion we will see how to customize their lamps without resorting to third party agents or specialized professionals , trying to carry out an exemplary but at the same time economic work. Specifically we will see how to paint brass lamps .

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