A lightweight & minimal feed reader you’ll want to use every day.

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MnmlRdr is simple and clutter-free

It helps you focus on what matters most…reading the content

Readable Interface

MnmlRdr’s primary design traits are to minimize clutter, avoid distraction, and make content easy for you to read.

Read from any device

You can read your feeds from any device with a modern web-browser...even your mobile device. You use the same log-in and do not have to install anything.

Read Later

MnmlRdr allows you to bookmark your favorite stories AND mark stories to be read later.

MnmlRdr is designed around content

It also has all of the things you need


Never lose another article. You can quickly find articles by searching within all of your feeds.

Hidden Counts

Your reader should not cause you stress. Unread counts are hidden by default to avoid “inbox overload”. Yes, you can turn them back on ;)

Intuitive Gestures

You can mark articles as read by swiping right or bookmark them by swiping left. Expanded articles can collapsed by pinching or double tapping their content.


Mark your favorite entries with custom tags to find them easily later.


You can quickly filter stories by folder, feed, read/unread, starred, etc.


Your subscriptions list can be easily imported or exported (OPML).

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can quickly navigate your feeds without touching your mouse.

Send to...

You can send an article to your Email, Instapaper, Pocket, Pinboard, and more.

Private & Secure

Your reading behaviors are private and will never be shared. Your connection and password is securely encrypted.

Ad Free

MnmlRdr is supported by your subscription. You will never see advertisements in the reader.

Extract Content

You can extract the full-text of an article when it is truncated or missing.

Real-time Updates

You can be notified of new entries as they arrive, without having to refresh. Feeds are updated every 30 minutes (or within 1 minute if the feed supports PubSubHubbub).

And for those who enjoy reading offline

You can use MnmlRdr with these great apps

  • Fiery for iPhone/iPad
  • Unread for iPhone/iPad (coming soon!)
  • Reeder (1 & 2) for iPhone/iPad
  • ReadKit for OSX
  • Mr. Reader for iPad
  • and more...

MnmlRdr offers a developer REST API and can also be used with applications that support the Fever° API.

Is MnmlRdr right for you?

MnmlRdr is a lightweight and minimal RSS feed reader that hides all of the unnecessary clutter

If you want to focus on what matters most – reading the contentyou should give MnmlRdr a try.

How much does MnmlRdr cost?

MnmlRdr costs $4 per month –or– $36 per year (25% off!) .

Your subscription:

Can you try it before purchasing?

Yes. You can try our demo account before signing up.

When you do sign up, you start a free trial.

You can then evaluate MnmlRdr for 7 days and will not be charged you during the trial period.

There is no risk to you and you can cancel at anytime.